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Until the 2008 financial crisis, Mandi Hunter’s law practice focused on representing banks and lenders in litigation.  During the recession that followed, she began more real estate transactions work, including loan modifications.

In the wake of the recession, Hunter saw a market in the Kansas City area for a law firm that was based on real estate and secured transactions work —a firm that could handle a matter “from the ground up.”

Hunter realized her vision in 2014 and opened the Hunter Law Group, P.A., a full service real estate-focused firm.

Today that law firm is staffed by four attorneys who have more than 90 years of experience between them:  Hunter, Stephanie Hammann, Susan DeCoursey and Christine Schlomann.  The firm also has one paralegal.

The firm handles both real estate litigation and transactions work.  Their clients include banks, agencies and brokerages, contractors, developers, investors and others with matters that touch on real estate.

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