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About Hunter Law Group

At Hunter Law Group, we believe that every issue has at least one solution. We pride ourselves in providing clients with the options that best accomplish their goals, even if they are not the standard attorney responses. Why? Because our attorneys feel it is more important to handle matters in a way that produces the best outcomes for our clients, not our accountants.

From our beginnings as Kansas City’s first full service stand-alone real estate law firm, our approach has revolved around understanding our client overarching goals, as well as their future needs, and presenting the best ways of accomplishing those goals while putting them in the best position for their next objectives. We believe that when done at the highest level, law is as much of an art as it is science.

This is at the heart of why we are able to be so effective when assisting with real estate transactions, civil litigation, banking and financial transactions, or delicate matters with no margin for error. We handle every aspect of real estate law, pioneered the Real Estate 360 model, and have successfully represented publicly traded companies, local governments, private businesses, and individual operators. We handle everything from the real estate aspects of corporate mergers & acquisitions, to local neighborhood issues.

Most significantly, our clients are sometimes impacted by laws that do not make sense for our current world.

When this happens, we are not afraid to challenge prior rulings if needed. Our command of the law, and what is right, has led to several new legal precedents being set for Kansas and Missouri.

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