In recent years, we have all seen ups and downs in the real estate market.  With the lack of inventory, and the sharp increase in housing prices over the last couple of years, litigation between Buyers and Sellers is on the rise.  Then, the residential real estate market was hit with the one of the largest verdicts ever to impact the industry. See Case No. 4:19-cv-00332. Given our experience representing clients, and  brokerages, we understand the issues facing both buyers and sellers in today’s market.

Seller Disclosure Services

The Seller’s Disclosure is an easy target for unhappy Buyers.  And inevitably, when these types of lawsuits arise, the real estate agents are frequently brought in as a party. We charge a one-time flat fee to assist your listing clients with their Seller’s Disclosure.  We
recommend having them schedule an appointment with us prior to any showings.  Our goal is for this service to minimize the risk from an alleged “failure to disclose.” Our goal is to help your listing clients, and your agents, avoid liability.

Buyer’s Home Buying Services

If a seller has a Buyer ready to close but the seller is hesitant to pay an agent’s commission for the Buyer, we will assist the Buyers in drafting the Contract and presenting it to the Seller for negotiation.  We offer this service as a cost-effective flat fee to the Buyer.  Buyers should not have to go unrepresented just because Seller’s can now refuse to pay the Buyer’s agent’s commission.

If you have any clients that you think this service could be helpful, have them give us a call. Make sure they tell us who referred them. As always, call with any questions.