Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

The crux of real estate development is to create value in a property by making tangible improvements, either modifying existing buildings or creating brand new ones in their place. Real estate development can include houses, apartments, restaurants, retail stores, and offices. These options are categorized as residential, commercial, sub-divisions, greenfield, and redevelopments. Each type brings its own unique challenges and benefits.
Real estate development is also one of the most collaborative efforts in the real estate industry. Whether constructing an entirely new building on a plot of land or renovating an already existing structure, many hands and minds will work on it. With agents, investors, construction companies, and bankers all trying to work together to create or revamp a space, you are going to get a lot of mixed ideas. Not only that, but inspectors and government officials need to be brought in to ensure whatever is being built is up to code and suitable for tenants. In the case of selling or building in the area, you need to ensure that the land, the property structure, the outside workers, the community, and everything in-between aligns with your goals.

How an attorney can help against any challenges

While it is always better to have an attorney assisting you from the beginning of buying or creating a property, here are some critical ways in which an attorney can help:

As a buyer, an attorney can complete all due diligence to ensure a smooth transaction between the past owner and the new owner.


Leveraging an attorney’s expertise in drafting and advising documents can ensure that all parties understand their obligations, the financials they are presenting, and one another's terms and conditions.


An attorney will evaluate commercial and residential properties to determine whether they comply with the proper codes, such as zoning laws, boundary disputes, or compliance issues.


An attorney can assist with any needed negotiations between the buyer, seller, or builder. This can help in prices, clauses, and in the event that any issues are discovered.

Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Buying, selling, or orchestrating any part of a real estate development deal may seem overwhelming as complex issues arise. If you foresee yourself attempting to purchase or renovate a property in the future, it is likely a good time to look into a real estate attorney that will help ensure the best outcomes possible.

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