Here Are Some Common Issues We See:

The buyer’s mortgage falls through during closing.

The last inspection brought to light problems that weren’t addressed before.

The buyer or seller ends up having cold feet about something.

Problems with the title itself.

Any documents brought in appear to be wrong in some way.

Real Estate Closings

The closing process can be an anxious time full of fear for what could go wrong. Even though it may be the last step, many intricacies need to be taken into account to ensure that your interests are protected, regardless of whether you are buying or selling the property.

Beyond just signing to transfer the real estate, there has to be a title search, home inspections, possible price renegotiations, and a final walk-through. Many times, surprises with an outsized impact on the deal can make themselves known at any step along this process.

We step in to help ensure the process goes smoothly, the spirit of the agreement is honored, and there are minimal interruptions or hiccups. When there are unavoidable delays, we pride ourselves on designing solutions that result in highly expedited resolutions.